Thursday, March 31, 2011

sunny days & straw hats.

Blessed with another gorgeous day.. Time to run some errands and then off to catch some rays.
When I purchased this hat the other day one of the girls that worked at forever said to me "I wish
I could pull off that hat" I told her to "just buy it and wear it like its no ones business".. for the record it would look so cute on her ! If you like something wear it don't worry about what others might think.

Dressed in:
Forever 21- Straw hat
H&M in the garden collection- Tank dress (its about mid thigh length but I have it billowing and tucked in)
Victorias Secret- black bandeau swim top
True Religion jeans
DV by Dolce Vita- sandals
Forever 21- Bangles

enjoyed a slushie today haven't had one in years.
(i love how i felt the need to update & add this to my post for today haha)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

basking in the sun.

went to the beach today unfortunately, it was windy so I didnt stay as long as I wanted.
hope you enjoy all the photos I took today.

                                 this is how i store my's just a fairly big round glass vase
                            i don't remember where I acquired this hmm.. It sits on my bookcase that
                                                       I bought at Target for only $20 !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

floral fresh.

headed out to find a salon to begin
my journey as a hairdresser.
hope you all are off to a great week !

Dressed in:
small boutique- floral pocket tank
mens white beater
bullhead denim jean
forever 21 heels
forever 21 wooden bracelet
unknown brand gold sequin bracelet
Lia Sophia lemon chiffon ring

Monday, March 28, 2011

on a sunday afternoon.

hello..had a great time this weekend. The beach was beautiful enjoyed a lovely brunch at a little cafe that my charming boyfriend & I frequent often. He is an amazing man and it was his idea to go to my favorite beach to take photos ♥

Dressed in:
Forever 21 coat
American Apparel- Sébastien Tellier slate sheer jersey tank
American Apparel- black hoody
True Religion- Casey legging jeans
Guess- pumps

                                                                   he's so handsome.

he is always in Jordan retros. When i'm not in heels I have a nice little collection of J's myself.


Friday, March 25, 2011

so long coffee shops..hello target ?!

Today I got the creme d' nude lipstick free from MAC thanks to the "back to MAC" program (take in any 6 MAC containers & get a free lipstick) I love that they do that. Recently i've been trying to visit coffee shops less often and make things at home. Usually I drink a chai tea latte, green tea, or iced passion tea which are all so easy to make. So I headed to Target & bought the Tazo Passion tea as well as the Tazo Organic Chai concentrate for about $4 each ! You easily spend that on one trip to a coffee shop alone. I thought i'd share how easy it is to make a few of the same beverages Starbucks sells. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Dressed in:
Neal by Neal Sperling sweater
American Apparel creme sheer rib racerback tank
True Religion Big T Julie jeans
Forever 21 pumps
Forever 21 bracelet

Mac cremesheen lipstick Creme D' Nude (free stuff is the best !)
"Starbucks" iced passion tea / iced passion tea lemonade
I just brewed the tea let it cool in the fridge
then get a glass of ice and pour ta-da !
(I drink it unsweetened but you can always add honey, sugar, or sweetner !)
For passion tea lemonade just add a splash of your
favorite lemonade.

"Starbucks" chai tea latte/ iced chai tea latte
If you have an espresso machine you can steam 1/2 cup of milk and add 1/2 cup of the Tazo concentrate ( for dirty chai add a shot of espresso along with it) If you don't have an espresso machine worry not just heat 1/2 a cup of milk and add 1/2 cup of tazo concentrate (I prefer vanilla soy when enjoying it hot)

Cup of ice 1/2 cup Tazo concentrate & 1/2 cup milk of choice ( for iced prefer reg. almond milk I just like the nutty flavor it gives)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

dinner with family is golden.

quick photo post heading out to dinner with my family to celebrate.

Ready for the rain....
                                                                       Dressed in:
                                                                       Forever 21 black coat
American Apparel- Salt & Pepper hoody
American Apparel- Sébastien Tellier white sheer jersey tank
True Religion- Julie jeans
Marc Fisher- Studded pumps
 American Eagle- braided cuff

a few faves..

thought I'd share some of my
favorite products that I have been using on a daily basis..

Body Shop - coconut body butter (amazing on hands and arms)

Revlon Top Speed- Peachy 405
not a fan of waiting for nails to dry im sure no girl is..
this dries fast !

Carmex- essential.

Lush- Ocean Salt Scrub ( great exfoliator I always wash my face first with a gentle cleanser then pat it dry & use this..your face will be soft and glowing)

Mac- Myth (satin) lipstick

Mac- Richer, Lusher cremesheen glass
I have been mixing these two to get the perfect coral color.

NYC Bond No 9- The Scent of Peace (smells so good)

Anastasia- Brow powder duo (its little but it lasts a long time)

                              Mac Richer, Lusher swatch
                              Mac Myth swatch

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy day & a chai tea latte.

another rainy day..I don't mind it at all. stepped out for a few hrs didn't get too much accomplished wasn't exactly dressed for the weather...Yesterday I took my state board test for cosmo. can you say nerves, anxiety, stress, headache, stomachache all wrapped into 5hrs. Nonetheless, it was a success & I am now licensed !

dressed in:
american apparel ottoman rib jacket
american apparel black unisex vicose tank
bullhead black jeans

Saturday, March 19, 2011

hello spring..

to blog or not to blog..I have been going back & forth with
the idea for the past few months and well here I am.

Since spring has officially started here are my 5 current must haves............
- white blazer
- GOLD (watches, cuffs, bangles, clutches, necklaces, you name it i'm obsessed)
- pops of color (at the moment ♥ teal, yellow & coral)
- nudes (tanks, shoes, lipsticks, etc)
- slingback pumps

excuse the poor picture quality for the moment.