Monday, May 30, 2011

Giveaway Winner !

                                                                  Congrats Ashley !
                                            Thank you all for sharing your stories & tips <3

Sorry for the lack of posts here are some photos taken over the past few weeks....


My boyfriend and I went to Johnny Rockets & our waiter served us ketchup in these little paper bowls.
    love it ..funny thing is call my boy Boss sometimes haha

                                                            my little bros <3 them so much !

                                              current fave bangles came with a larger one too..

have a very blessed week <3

Friday, May 13, 2011

err.. BLOGGER deleted the GIVEAWAY comments !!

I believe so far there were 9-10 comments posted for the GIVEAWAY which I totally enjoyed reading if you would repost that would be awesome.. Also giveaway is open to all countries.

its friday that means black.. decided to wear these turquoise feather earrings for a POP of color..

have a fabulous weekend <3

GIVEaway !!

woohoo hit a hundred followers ! So glad you beauties are enjoying my blog <3

For the giveaway i'm doing my current faves that are perfect for summer! Which will also include a DIY fringe tank that i'll be making for the winner.

-ELF bronzer blush duo (i use the bronzer daily)
- Matrix Biolage protective daily mist perfect for when your in the sunshine (it smells AMAZE)
- Deep Down Detox mud mask just tried it out & I will be using this 2x a week
- Shocking Pink NEON polish & a baby pink OPI polish
- The Body Shop coco body butter (purse size)

All you need to do is be following my blog and leave a comment about your worst experience with haircolor or a haircut.. this can be in a salon or a at home hair job. I decided to pick a topic where I may be able to learn a thing or two. I'd also love if you'd include your favorite part about getting your hair done in a salon..
 I will pick a winner on MAY 30th !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

grey oxfords.

hello weekend....I dont mind having sunday mondays off since my boyfriend is a barber we'll have the same schedule.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing mommys enjoy your day tomorrow !

Friday, May 6, 2011

a new beginning..

hello.. sorry for the lack of posts I found my home at a salon ! i'm so blessed everyone is lovely. We can wear whatever we'd like except for fridays you just have to be dressed in black can't argue with that !

Yesterday was Military Wives Appreciation Day .. so 5 of us from the salon headed to the base and styled some of the Navy wives hair! It was so much fun <3

Dressed in:
H&M - varsity jacket
American Apparel- tank
J Brand- jeans
Dolce Vita- sandals

Monday, May 2, 2011

BRIGHTen the day.

had a great weekend with my beau.. Sunday i wore this tank ahh.. i love the color found it at forever for about 10 bucks.. its the perfect neon coral orange looks even brighter in person !

Okay so I told you I have been having some trouble falling asleep lately.. and I've tried out the bath and body works Sleep mist for a few days now I will say it smells so good and it has a little calming affect because of the lavender.. Does it put you sleep not so much BUT  the calming relaxing wonderful scent it gives ..i will continue using it every night <3

assorted bangles & MK watch


today I went to the beach to bask in the sunshine..
adore the scent of Hawaiian Tropic haha

a few days ago I bottled up some sand bought a few candles
and now have this at my bedside..cozy.