Friday, May 13, 2011

GIVEaway !!

woohoo hit a hundred followers ! So glad you beauties are enjoying my blog <3

For the giveaway i'm doing my current faves that are perfect for summer! Which will also include a DIY fringe tank that i'll be making for the winner.

-ELF bronzer blush duo (i use the bronzer daily)
- Matrix Biolage protective daily mist perfect for when your in the sunshine (it smells AMAZE)
- Deep Down Detox mud mask just tried it out & I will be using this 2x a week
- Shocking Pink NEON polish & a baby pink OPI polish
- The Body Shop coco body butter (purse size)

All you need to do is be following my blog and leave a comment about your worst experience with haircolor or a haircut.. this can be in a salon or a at home hair job. I decided to pick a topic where I may be able to learn a thing or two. I'd also love if you'd include your favorite part about getting your hair done in a salon..
 I will pick a winner on MAY 30th !


  1. Yay for giveaways! My worst experience had to be getting light bangs that were WAY too light-practically blonde! I looked absolutely ridiculous cuz my skin is medium-toned. The next morning and I went back so they could fix it ASAP cuz I was not able to go out in public like that lol My favorite part about getting it done is just sitting back and relaxing! Scalp massage, sipping on juice or ice cold water, texting lol Thanks for having this giveaway by the way! :)

  2. yay! :D Congrats. I dont think I've had many bad hair experiences but i usually play it safe and stay with my hairstylist. There was a time about a year ago that i went to a diff lady because my hairstylist is like an hour away and she was suppose to do peekaboo kind of highlights here and there and a teeny one on my bangs well she did about 2 inches wide on my bangs, pretty much all of it and about an inch away from my scalp all zigzaggy. && to top it off it was orange and no I hadnt dyed my hair black prior to this. It was horrible but an easy fix! :) Hope I win but good luck to all the other lovely beauties.

  3. YAY Celene! Well...I really had a bad experience, which let to not going to get my hair colored at a salon for 6 years... I had very dark hair going into the salon and wanted a honey-color a la Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Alba. I also had very long hair like the lenght of yours. But after 3 hours or so my hair looked orangey and they had chopped my hair off- almost to shoulder size..(hate when you ask to take a little and they take a whole lot instead). They tried to make darker stripes in my hair, but it never worked. As I came to my car I also had a ticket. I was sad for a while about my bad hair color and cut. When I got home I also noticed that I had green stripes as I had had black henna in my hair at some point (so never dye henna colored hair lighter)...I went to buy haircolor so I could color my hair myself after a few days. It came out too dark so I tried to bleach it, but it looked awfull so I went back to dark. This experience costs me around $450 total. AND it also ment that I didn't go to the hairdresser to get my hair cut for more than once a year. I found a new hairdresser recently though and I just got my hair colored to light brown with some sublte stripes. And I really like it. So now my hair-dressing fobia is curred. I like that I get pampered and get refreshments and that the hairdresser makes conversation and if friendly. That makes the experience much more exiting. Even though I wear a head scarf I do care a lot about my hair and want it to look its best. -We say that the beauty of the woman is in her hair.
    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Hope I will win. Never won anything.

  4. Great giveaway, I follow!

    My worst experience was definitely when I let my friend dye my hair dark brown. Naturally, I have lightest brown hair (although I have extremely dark eyebrows)...the dye made my hair midnight black and I had to go to the salon to have them fix it, so they stripped all the black from my hair for about $ unnecessary to spend that money, grr! It happened in high school too, you know because everything (read as sarcasm) REALLY TRAUMATIC happens during those 4 years! My favorite part of salons is getting my hair blow dried--ahh the heat!

  5. Awesome giveaway.
    1. worst experience: tried to weave a darker color into my hair. (weirdly had black splochy roots on a very white blonde hair color. (oh Jr. so sad)
    2. best thing: getting your hair washed and rinsed with a luke-warm water. also love looking at magazines and talking.

    already following.

  6. I have never changed my haircolor, so don't really have anything to tell)
    But i need to say i'm in love with this body shop coco thing, it smells so nice, the only thing that's better is Yves Rocher coco body lotion)

  7. Heyhey! ;D amazing giveaway!

    My worst hair experience was getting the wrong shade of blonde dyed on all of my hair :(! i used to go to this wee salon because it was slightly cheaper than others (student!) and my hairdresser was pretty old, like if i said i wanted my hair layered, she didn't properly understand what i meant... but i was getting my roots touched up and just wanted my whole hair dyed so it would all match (since it was first time here) and i wanted an ashy blonde but i ended up with this horrible brassy yellow colour, i felt horrible, hated it! it was minging!
    My fav part is the finishing touches- i go to a more expensive, stylish salon now and i just love seeing what the end product looks like! I always feel so down and "dirty" when i can see my roots, and its so amazing when i see my hair a gorgeous colour all washed, straigntened and styled- always feel a million dollars! the hairdressers always say how great the colour looks which makes me feel really confident and happy with myself :)

    long story haha!
    thanks xx

  8. oh I got one! okay so this wasn't supposed to happen but this one lady at this salon at the mall was like okay so how do you want your hair done? and I told her. Do she cuts it, and I feel it and and i'm okay its a little too short butI guess maye I'll have to look at it first. So She truns me towards the mirrior and oh my goodness she cut to me ear and she cut my bangs and I didint want my bangs cut. And then she told me that If I wanted it straightened then I needed to pay $14 more. My favorite part of going to the salon and getting my hair cut is when they wash it and they use like a magical shampoo and conditioner. And after they blow dry it and comb and cut it it feels like it is weight less and you run your fingers through it and i feels like

  9. Think my worst experience was 5 years ago when i was training to be a hair stylist. I decided I wanted to go from black (dyed) hair to platinum blonde.....So me and my friend slapped on the old extra strong bleach on my hair 20mins later I was pretty much bald with little bits of orange hair which was pretty like chewing gum.It took me almost a year to get it even half decent and finally 5 years later its finally blonde!

    Great giveaway the nail colours are very pretty.

    Im a follower as thebuttonboxx and my email is


  10. grr! i just noticed comments on my blog were deleted too :/ not cool... anyways, my previous comment was on the time I got ugly, way-too-light bangs. Favorite part of course relaxing in a comfy chair, scalp massage :) I also enjoy talking to the hair dresser about their life, kids, etc. I'm going to dye my hair this weekend to something lighter for summer :P I haven't dyed it in quite a while so I'm excited! Have a good weekend!

  11. congrats on your 100 followers :) thanks for hosting this video.

    One of my worst experiences ever at a hair salon, was I remember being in highschool an I was in a desperate need for a hair 'trim.' I asked the hairdresser to cut off only '2 inches.' She seemed to be having a very intense conversation with another hairdresser working with her. Let's just say, by the time she was done, not only did she cut off MORE than 2 inches (let's try about 5 -6 inches) but I also an event the week after. I refused to go to a hair salon and let anyone cut me hair for months. But on the bright side, my next hair experience went great :)

  12. This is an awesome giveaway.

    worst: decided to add some lowlights to my bleached out blode hair. It turned a green-ish black color. needless to say i had to go to the hair salonand get it fixed.

    best: i love getting my hair washed. i loved the feeling of warm water trickling down your head and someone massaging your scalp. Best ever.

  13. I once died my hair orange then black by accident...
    Great giveaway!

  14. omg my worst experience is bleaching my hair myself one night, i kept the bleach in too long and it turned a weird orange colour not to mention my hair got extremely damaged :(

    congrats on 100 plus followers im sure you'll be getting more <3