Monday, May 2, 2011

BRIGHTen the day.

had a great weekend with my beau.. Sunday i wore this tank ahh.. i love the color found it at forever for about 10 bucks.. its the perfect neon coral orange looks even brighter in person !

Okay so I told you I have been having some trouble falling asleep lately.. and I've tried out the bath and body works Sleep mist for a few days now I will say it smells so good and it has a little calming affect because of the lavender.. Does it put you sleep not so much BUT  the calming relaxing wonderful scent it gives ..i will continue using it every night <3

assorted bangles & MK watch


today I went to the beach to bask in the sunshine..
adore the scent of Hawaiian Tropic haha

a few days ago I bottled up some sand bought a few candles
and now have this at my bedside..cozy.


  1. you guys look cute <3

  2. cute pics, luv the watch so nice!!! :)

    xo Emma

  3. That little candle display is so cute! I am loving this weather!

  4. Cute outfit n shades! I've had insomnia for years now grr! It's super frustrating! Have you tried taking melatonin? It's a natural sleep aid sold at Vitamin World. There's a lot of natural night time teas too, you should check 'em out :)

  5. @ MW thank you =)
    @ Mascara Addict..yes I normally have tea when i cant fall asleep but lately its been so warm at night I'll check out the melatonin, thanks

  6. Hey thank you so much for commenting me!! :D
    It means a lot!

    See you!!!

  7. Love the outfit & photos! I will be following!

  8. colour is absolutely gorgeous!
    Lovely pictures!

  9. I have the same watch and loveee it! MK is amazing.

  10. love the neon! you look gorgeous as usual!


  11. the neon top is simple and beautiful- i like it!
    by the way, a cup of a warm milk helps me fall asleep usually, may be you should try it, if you are not a warm milk hater haha)

  12. love ur bright top!! it looks great with ur skin tone!!