Monday, April 11, 2011

she wore leopard pumps.

This weekend my bf and I went on our usual weekend walk..came across some amazing Chanel jewelry i'm sure it came with a huge price tag.. today i'm working on a DIY bracelet i'll post it tomorrow.

Dressed in:
Nordstrom (BP)- leather hooded jacket
Forever 21- crochet tank
Bullhead denim- jeans
Guess pumps
Cara Accessories- studded snap bracelet

(didn't notice the bottle on the floor..I just don't understand how people litter!)


  1. The shoes are so cute!
    & I hate litter bugs, I have so many of them at my school, not cute.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. thank you. I know ugh lazy people!

  3. you look very cute, i love the jacket but i dont understand how you managed to go for a walk in heels lol. you must have gotten blisters <3

  4. Lovely. Waiting for your DIY creation.
    am following your blog. I hope you like my blog and follow it too.

  5. Love your shoes!
    Saw a leopard pair that I want... Love anything leopard print!


  6. Cute heels. I hate when people litter too!!

    stop by,

    Fashion Nostalgia