Saturday, April 2, 2011

whats in my purse..

I always enjoy looking at what people carry in their purse so I thought I'd do my own post on it.
Not much was in it so it's not that exciting but hope you beauties enjoy....

The bag.
Michael Kors black leather tote (a gift from my boyfriend)

gold inside love !

Bath & Body Works Peppermint hand sanitizer (usually I care a reg. purell one as well)
Orbit chewing gum
Juicy wallet (gift from my boyfriend)
Gucci sunglasses
Forever 21 coral ring
Forever 21 orange bangle
The Body Shop coconut body butter
Little Tree coconut car fresheners (random but I keep forgetting to leave them in my car)
Mac lipsticks- Myth, Snob, & Hue
                                                    Mac gloss- cremesheen Richer, Lusher
BIC turquoise felt pen
Sunglass cleaner
Frozen Yogurt receipt (my favorite is tart with blueberries, kiwi, & cheesecake bites)
"first aid kit" zip top mini pouch ( i carry this for my boyfriend he always spills & we both either have a headache or he's in pain)


  1. Love your shades!

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  3. excellent blog *

    waiting for you to imagine:
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  4. wahhh i love your foxtail. i had the cutest one until my bday when i got hammered and my friend's golden retriever ripped it off of my balenciaga and ran away with it :(


  5. @ calla
    i love foxtails.. I have an all black one too. you must get another!

  6. I just recently came across your blog. It's adorable! I also keep a fist aid ki" in my purse, with aleve, bandaids, the tide pen, hand wipes, anti bac. soap. You just never know O.o

    Oh and LOVE the MK purse.

  7. I like ur bag!! I also like to watch what other ppl carry on their bag!! :)